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Write For Us :

We welcome all those who are interested in writing articles related to various subjects of Shekhawat History, below given are few guidelines for budding writers/authors.

1. The article should be either in Hindi or English.

2. The length should be minimum 300 words and maximum up to 600. A minor relaxation is ok with us on the size article part.

3. The content should be “authentic & balanced” , any false claims will be rejected uprightly.

4. All the articles should be perfectly wrapped up with the complete details of given subject/title.

5. Valid references are a mandatory thing to support your article.

6. Duplicity and Copy-Paste from other internet resources is not allowed, WE ARE VERY STRICT ON THIS.

7. Send your email to contact@shekhawat.com for further details or check out our Contact Us page.



  1. Good day &Greetings.
    I belong to a Nagher tribe. My Fore fathers ruled Narhad Bagad &Hisar for 270 yrs. My great grand father Nawab kareem khan has lost the dynasty to his friend Thakoor sardol singh and zorawar singh.
    I am writting a book looking for a editor and publishers. Pl do reccomend.
    Nawabzada mozaffar omer khan

  2. You are doing great work by making a website on shekhawats…i appreciate your work
    Please also make any group of our community so we can help each other. We are now diversified into different states so we can help each other by being united.
    Jai Rajputana

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