Gotra of Shekhawats

Gotra of Shekhawat: This page contains the hereditary identity of Shekhawat Rajputs of Rajasthan. I am providing few key details of the Shekhawat Clan. Gotra is a lineage system followed in Hinduism, Gotras were emerged primarily from seven or eight sages. There is a difference between Vansh, Kul, Gotra and clan. Shekhawat is a clan but not the Gotra, the gotra of Shekhawat clan is Manav  (Manu). The same is asked by the priest whenever any religious ritual is performed; for example Marriage.


KUL : Kachhwaha 

VANSH: Suryavansh

VED: Samved

GOTRA: Manav (Manu)


KUL DEVTA:  Raja Ram Chandra Ji

NADI: Saryu


  1. OM SHRI Jamwai mata ji Nmah
    Sawai Singh Shekhawat
    V&Post : Morwa (Pilani)
    Jamwai Mai Mere Pure Priwar par Kripa banaye rakhana.
    Jai ho meri kuldevi Shri Jamwai mai
    Jai ho mere kuldevta SHRI Raja Ram Chander Ji

    • jai ma jamvay mata ki jai shree om banna
      surendra singh shehawat th. sangliya sikar
      post losal
      county data – ramgrah’

  2. Jai rajputana jai bhawani Rakesh singh shekhawat
    Vpo morwa

    Via pilani

    Distic jhunjhunun

    Pin code 333031


    Singh saab morwa

    Jai jamuwai mata ji ki

    Jai raja ramchandara ji ki

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