MahaRao Shekha Ji

MahaRao Shekha Ji
MahaRao Shekha Ji

MahaRao Shekha Ji


MahaRao ShekhaJi was born on Asoj Sudi VijayDashmi of V.S 1490 ; A.D 1433  in the house of  Thakur Mokal Singh Ji Kachhwaha of  Nan and Barwada estate  and his youngest queen Nirban Ji by the blessings of a sufi saint Sheikh Burhan Chisti. As a sign of gratitude towards the sufi saint, Thakur Mokal Singh Ji named his son as Shekha.


MahaRao Shekha has succeeded as the head  of Nan and Barwada estate along with 24 more villages  at the tender age of 12 years  as a result of untimely death of his father Mokal Ji in V.S 1502; A.D 1445.

MahaRao Shekha Ji
MahaRao Shekha Ji

Revolt against Rao Chandrasen  of Amber:

MahaRao Shekha Ji was a kind of  ruler who always believed in independence and sovereignty from the clutches of Tikai Amber state rulers , to whom he was paying yearly tributes as a token of respect being a younger brother from the Kachhwaha clan.  Fearless Shekha Ji went ahead by expanding his territory and stopped paying yearly tributes to then Amber Ruler Rao Chandrasen Ji.  After a decade  full of  many battles finally in a fierce winning war fought at Kukas between Rao Shekha Ji and Rao Chandrasen Ji in V.S 1528; A.D 1471, this war was won by Shekha Ji. As a result of treaty signed at that time, Shekha Ji  was recognized as an independent ruler and he operated as a separate ruler of his state there after.


Expansion :

In an expansion drive of his state , Shekha Ji explored all possibilities with the bordering estates of his territory. With the might of his sword and successful warfare techniques , he expanded to the areas of Bhiwani, Hansi and today’s Hissar. As a result of this vast expansion he became a powerful ruler of a state with 360 villages under it. In his victory voyage he defeated Jatu Rajputs of Bhiwani, Sankhlas , Tanwars, Taanks , Gaurs & Kayamkhani rulers Ikhtar Khan and Heda Khan. In is last years he was a ruler of a big state  of Amarsar as equal in size as of Amber.

Panni Pathans :

Shekha Ji was a firm believer in religious harmony, thus he befriended and accommodated  a visiting Pathan clan (Panni Pathans)  in 12 villages of his territory known as Barah Basti . As a token of friendship Rao Shekha Ji and Pathans made a rule that Pathans will never kill or eat Cow and Peacock (Animals of Hindu religious importance) in turn Shekah Ji and his future generations will never eat a Hog’s flesh. This tradition is alive till date. Panni Pathans also helped Shekha Ji in the expansion of his territory known as Shekhawati(The garden of Rao Shekha).

Death :

Shekha Ji died in the year V.S 1545;A.D 1488  fighting the Gaur Rajputs in the war of Ghatwa defending the modesty and self respect of a newly wed lady. Shekha Ji last breathed at Ralawta. A cenotaph(Chhatri) was built at the place where he died. Recently a statue of MahRao Shekha Ji was also inaugurated at the same place by H. E President of India Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil.


MahaRao Shekha Ji was survived by 6-7 Wives and 12 Sons & 3 Daughters.


1. Taank Ji Ganga Kanwar daughter of Rao Kalyan of Nahargarh.

2. Chauhan Ji Ganga Kanwar daughter of Rao Sheobraham of Chobara.

3. Tanwar Ji  daughter of Rao Bhimraj of Patan.

4. Tanwar Ji IInd daughter of Rao Pachayan of Bayal.

5. Gaur Ji  Bhag Kanwar daughter of Rao Jalap Ji.

6- Gaur Ji IInd Sahja Kanwar daughter of Rao Jalan Ji of Kharkada.

7. Tanwar Ji IIIrd daughter of  Rao Jodha of Dokan.

His 3rd and 7th wife from the above list committed sati  on his funeral pyre as a tradition then.


1. Durga Ji.

2. Ratna Ji.

3. Abha Ji.

4. Achla Ji.

5. Trilok Ji.

6. Kumbha Ji.

7. Ridmal Ji.

8. Bharmal Ji.

9. Bharat Ji.

10. Pratap Ji.

11. Puranmall Ji.

12. Raimal Ji (Succeeded MahaRao Shekha Ji )


1.  Raghav Kanwar.

2. Parbat Kanwar.

3. Maya Kanwar.

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Book: Rao Shekha : Thakur Surjan Singh Shekhawat

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  2. Hukam maharaja Rao Shekhar ji ke fifth no. Ke son ka name (trilok nahi tha) Rao Tirmal ji tha jinke wanshaj (raoji ka) ke name se Jane jate hai.

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