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Shekhawats being a martial and ruling group of people had enjoyed many important roles in the past and even today we are continuing the same line of legacy by doing the service of our mother land. The statement is evident by the visible number of shekhawati youth in the Armed forces, police and paramilitary services. As a part of our rich traditions sacrifice, chivalry, bravery and a high moral character is in our genes. No matter what, we pushed back the enemy in past and will continue to do the same in future as well to safe guard our mother land. However this scenario is applicable at large on us but few pockets of ours are still untouched with the current progress. Not all the shekhwats were rulers or Jagirdars during princely rule, most of them were living ordinary life and paying taxes as like any other civil group/communities. All Rajputs, even the poor ones and land tillers were categorized as “General” after independence. This categorization is worsening the state of the ordinary ones in current era. The caste based reservation is mis routing the lives and career of ordinary Rajputs, who were as rich as other communities in the past. Now the question arises, what to be done to uplift those ordinary people?

 Few suggestions from my side:

 1. Guiding and educating our brethren in villages.

2. Pay at least 1 hour a week for the community.

3. Make donations and take active participations in community activities.

4. Networking and liaison with each other.

5. Respect all groups of society irrespective of caste and creed.

 More suggestions are welcome from the readers…Please do not hesitate writing the same in comments section below.

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