Saubhagya Singh Shekhawat, BhagatPura


Shri Saubhagya Singh Shekhawat

Saubhagya Singh Shekhawat
Saubhagya Singh Shekhawat


The eminent scholar and writer of Old Rajasthani litreature Shri Saubhagya Singh Shekhawat was born on 22nd July 1924 in village Bhagatpura of Sikar District of Rajasthan. His ancestral village is located nearby to a larger Shekhawat Rajput Thikana of his own lineage, i;e Khood. Since last 5 decades he is serving in the field of research,revival, restoration and conservation of Rajasthani Literature  Due to his excellent and prolonged services in this field, Shri Shekhawat is now a synonym to Rajasthani litreature research and development area.He also played a vital role in getting recognition of Rajasthani language and related work at international level, he is frequently referred in the writings of other respected authors of Rajasthani language research and history. Other than Rajasthani language , you have restored many old manuscripts of Dingal Language as well by translating them in to other languages.



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